Cave Walk

A less adventurous tour

Cave Walk – a less adventurous tour, fine even for those who suffer from claustrophobia, no upper age limit 2.5-3 hrs private Cave Walk into two caves, both paved and equipped with artificial lighting. The first cave is the ”underground flower garden” of Budapest because of its charasteristic mineral concretions (cave corals, calcite plates) and gypsum crystals. The other cave has calcite and barite crystals and calcite plate deposits originating from former hot-water lakes. Stalactites and stalagmites can also be found there.

Please note: this is a private tour for small groups with English or German guiding. The caves can be also visited on a lower price by joining the regular Hungarian guided tours (usuallay school groups or families) that starts hourly.

The tour should be booked two-three days earlier.

The temperature in the caves remains at a constant  12 °C (54 °F) all year. Wear warm clothes in the summer time. The caves are dry during the year.

The cave is located 30 min by bus or 15 min by taxi from the city center.

Age limit is 5 yrs.

Minimum number of participant is two persons.

Total lenght of the tour is 3 hrs.

The guides refuse the participation of persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs!

You can take part in the tour only at your own risk.